Qualities of a Good Coach

Coaching is a hard profession to be at. It is a grueling profession and entails a lot of knowledge and patience to do. Whether you have done a good, you are always under the watchful eye of the public. There opinions are always there ready to criticize all the time. It is like everything you do parents, teachers, fans, students are ready to either thumb you up or thumbs down.

Coaching is job that does not only entails professionalism but also with a dash of luck on your side. No matter how professionalism you have, your effectiveness is measured on a thing that is totally out of your control, the number of wins and loss your team stands.

Here Are the Qualities That A Coach Should Possess:

A good coach teaches their athletes to believe in themselves. It is a good quality of a coach to build their athletes to build on themselves rather than knocking them down. Self-esteem of athletes should be developed so it will make the athlete sure of himself. Coaches should practice their athletes to do things right and believe in their abilities. Speaking of abilities you can get your codes at EZ if you want to have a free bet ability on online casinos.

A great coach teaches lessons about life. A great coach is not limited to teaching skills, techniques and strategies about sports but also teach life skills. Life skills like dealing with hardships, picking up self from failure and setbacks, trusting people around you, sacrificing self-gain for the good of the team, dealing emotionally with winning and losing, fair play, honesty, integrity and others.

A great coach understands individual differences among people. People have differences when it comes to attitude, sensitivity, attitude and how they handle criticism. Coaches should consider these things and should take time in knowing the athletes so that the best way can be made in handling these athletes.

Ways to Tell if Your Baby is Growing Well

Being a new parent is daunting. New parents do not know where to start and are really concern if their baby is growing well. This is a natural thing though, being concerned about your baby’ development is a hard question to ask. You need the right tool in order to answer it the right way.

Baby’s Length and weight

This is the most obvious way to find out if your baby is growing well or not. When your baby first went out in the world the doctors measured its height and weight. The length of the baby is the indicator if it is healthy or not. It is also a good indicator if your baby has a condition or a complication the moment it is born.

Although you should understand that the length and height measurements alone is not useful but how this figure does when compare to other newborns. From this we can determine if your baby is small, medium or large for his age. But comparison alone cannot be very useful. Babies like grown ups come in different shape and sizes. It does not mean that if your kid is smaller than the average does not mean it entails a problem.

What is important is you keep track of the measurements of your baby. This will allow you to see the trend of your baby like if it is putting enough weight or is it gaining height consistently. It is a good practice to measure your baby’s height and weight regularly.

Baby’s BMI

Body mass index is a good indicator of your baby’s health. It is more than reliable from just getting the weight and the height of your baby. BMI is primarily used to measure if your baby is overweight or not. Although almost all babies are a bit chubby, this is quite normal for babies to have lots of fats in their bodies. As they grow as toddlers these fats will be shaved off.

But even if it is normal for babies to have fats in the body, there is also a tendency for them to be overfed and become obese. If you are searching for  a stroller for your overweight baby, you can to this website to compare strollers.

Developmental Milestones

Parents often wonder if their baby is learning at a normal pace and parents mostly exaggerate, sometimes brag about the development of their child like. “my kid has started reading at 1 month”. This is absurd unless your baby is a genius of some sort. The only way to know the is to use a chart of the typical age appropriate milestones that has been observed and recorded by a doctor and child psychologist.

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Australia a Big Gambling Market

Online gambling industry’s revenue in Australia shows an annual profit in the region of $2 billion

It has emerged that Australia’s biggest online gambling market, known as the ‘Pacific Basin’ has become the country’s largest online gambling market in terms of revenue, after making $2 billion in revenue last year.

New analysis by the World Economic Forum (WEF), released on Tuesday, shows that Australia’s Pacific Basin region, which includes some of the most popular online gambling sites, has seen a growing amount of gambling activity over the past three years.

Last year’s industry revenue of $2.1 billion represented a 28% increase on 2013, with Pacific Basin operators now accounting for more than half of the online gambling market.

It has also come as a surprise that the Pacific Basin has now overtaken Australia’s major Victorian-based regions to become the country’s leading online gambling market. You can check out betmeister’s 5 best places to play to see what I mean.

According to the WEF report, Victoria was home to 51% of online gambling revenue in Australia and is now surpassed by the Pacific Basin in size.

Online gambling revenue by state:

Victoria: $2.5 billion

New South Wales: $2.4 billion

Queensland: $2.2 billion

South Australia: $2.1 billion

Western Australia: $1.6 billion

Gambling revenue by state:

Australia: $1.9 billion

Pacific Basin: $1.9 billion Total: $3.2 billion

It’s a similar story with online poker in Australia. The Pacific Basin accounts for almost 80% of the gambling revenue from poker online in Australia. Poker is an online poker game where players take turns to play against the computer, with the winner having the chance to win a prize of up to A$200,000. Online poker like slots.lv and bovada is safe & legit and you can assure on its security.

As a result of the growth in online poker, Australia has seen a dramatic rise in poker-playing Australians, with poker being more popular in states like New South Wales and Western Australia than in Queensland, which has the lowest share of poker players. In Queensland, the share of poker players fell from a peak of 37% to 20% in 2014/15.

The big four poker machines in most states, the only way to play poker is to play poker machines, which are usually known as “pokies”. In the country’s major states, there are four big-name poker machines that dominate: The Tiger, Black Jack, King of Diamonds, and 9-3-1. The big four poker machines in Australia a Tiger poker machine in the Gold Coast, Australia.

The Tiger, like a traditional table poker machine, has a black screen and only two pokies. In recent years, the Tiger has been retooled to accommodate new gaming technologies, such as the “couch” or “lounge” modes, which allow players to make play decisions on the playing field at the table in the background. One recent report shows that the Tiger machine now operates at 3.73% of the country’s $5 million-plus poker machines market. The Tiger is now a fixture at The Gold Coast casino.

 According to research by the Australian Federation of Gambling and Liquor Industries, the Australian market for poker machines in the year to September 2015 was worth $8 billion.