Ways to Tell if Your Baby is Growing Well

Being a new parent is daunting. New parents do not know where to start and are really concern if their baby is growing well. This is a natural thing though, being concerned about your baby’ development is a hard question to ask. You need the right tool in order to answer it the right way.

Baby’s Length and weight

This is the most obvious way to find out if your baby is growing well or not. When your baby first went out in the world the doctors measured its height and weight. The length of the baby is the indicator if it is healthy or not. It is also a good indicator if your baby has a condition or a complication the moment it is born.

Although you should understand that the length and height measurements alone is not useful but how this figure does when compare to other newborns. From this we can determine if your baby is small, medium or large for his age. But comparison alone cannot be very useful. Babies like grown ups come in different shape and sizes. It does not mean that if your kid is smaller than the average does not mean it entails a problem.

What is important is you keep track of the measurements of your baby. This will allow you to see the trend of your baby like if it is putting enough weight or is it gaining height consistently. It is a good practice to measure your baby’s height and weight regularly.

Baby’s BMI

Body mass index is a good indicator of your baby’s health. It is more than reliable from just getting the weight and the height of your baby. BMI is primarily used to measure if your baby is overweight or not. Although almost all babies are a bit chubby, this is quite normal for babies to have lots of fats in their bodies. As they grow as toddlers these fats will be shaved off.

But even if it is normal for babies to have fats in the body, there is also a tendency for them to be overfed and become obese. If you are searching for  a stroller for your overweight baby, you can to this website to compare strollers.

Developmental Milestones

Parents often wonder if their baby is learning at a normal pace and parents mostly exaggerate, sometimes brag about the development of their child like. “my kid has started reading at 1 month”. This is absurd unless your baby is a genius of some sort. The only way to know the is to use a chart of the typical age appropriate milestones that has been observed and recorded by a doctor and child psychologist.

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